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Abandoned and Forgotten Towns                                 

[Index of Abandoned or Forgotten Ohio Towns by County] 

Ai:  Established around 1843 in Fulton County, it is believed that Ai may have been named after the biblical city.  Others think that it may have been named after one of the founders, Ami Richards, dropping the 'm' for a more masculine town name.

Armorsville:  This starter town was located in the northeast corner of Hardin County.  It was surveyed and laid out in 1831but it had disappeared by 1862. 

Atwood:  Small town in Carroll County that was abandoned to make way for Atwood Lake (an effort to control the flooding in the area).

Belfast:  No longer exists. Belfast was located on the south side of Rt.γΊ¨, where Elkhorn Rd. meets Rt. 40, in Preble County.  It was gone by the late 1800s. 

Blowville:  A handful of houses that was situated on the crossroads of Jackson Pike and State Route 133, in Clermont County.  During this time period, the roads were Williamsburg and Hartman.  In 1870, a blacksmith opened shop on Jackson Pike near the intersection.  There was also a store located there in 1872, but was vacated by 1874.  Legends- "The East Fork's Big Snake," Source:  Crawford, Richard, A Haunted History of Clermont County, Ohio, 2003.  Read about the evidence and reports in Clermont County's own Loch Ness Monster.

Blue Ball:  Established in 1820 at the intersection of Dixie Hwy (Route 4) and SR 122 (the old Irish road), it was originally named "Guilford" after a prominent state politician.  It lies on the line of Warren and Butler Counties, part of Lemon Township in Butler County and Franklin Township in Warren.  Guilford was a stage coach stop between Dayton and Cincinnati, but was often passed by as most stage coach drivers were illiterate and could not read the town's name.  In 1862, the town council changed the name to reflect a landmark, the blue-colored metal sphere that hung above the intersection of the two highways in the town centre (a replacement is still there).  In 1884, Blue Ball was granted a post office, since closed.  The small town was annexed by Middletown in 1993.  The Epoch of Blue Ball, Ohio, Blue Ball Historical Society, 1978.

Brinley Station:  Sprung up with the railroad in northern Preble County.  All that remains is the path of the old rail line which can be seen through the trees along New Paris- Eldorado Road.

Brush Creek Furnace:  Adams County 

Claylick: Town finally destroyed by the Dillan Dam Flooplain project in 1959.  Located at the intersection of Claylick and Licking River, it was one of the largest towns to be destroyed by  primarily by the two floods, the first was in 1919.

Claysburg:  Claysburg was located at the corner of Cramer Rd. and SR 725 (W. Central Ave.) just south of Fairhaven between Fairhaven and Morning Sun, in Preble County.

Douglas:  Located off of SH 224 east of Ottoville, in Putnam County, it sat along the Indiana Hi Rail Corporation rail line, and has completely disappeared.  The school in Douglas closed in 1920, with the store to follow in the 1930s.  There was also a coal yard and a grain elevator.

Elizabethtown:  Surveyed in 1838, in Seneca County, the town was named after Elizabeth Boyer, the wife of a prominent local doctor.  According to Ghost Towns USA, it was shown to be in "active existence approximately 1830 to 1860." Census in 1840 showed that 96 people lived there, and the town had a blacksmith, a saloon, and a wagon shop.

Elk Lick:  Destroyed then flooded after the construction of William H. Harsha Lake.

Boston a.k.a "Helltown":  Folklore has long aggrivated and haunted this area in Summit County.  There are many legends surrounding "helltown," including those surrounding the 'abandoned house in the woods' (I think this is located near the old slaughterhouse, but other information can be found at the Forgotten Ohio website, including information about the odd school bus).  Stanford Rd. had previously been given the title "Highway to Hell," one center of the town's legends.  "The End of the World," refers to the sharp dropoff where a hill goes down at a great decline, leading to a barricade.  Boston cemetery is also reportedly haunted including those of a ghostly man, a moving tree, and grave robbers.  Another interesting legend surrounding Boston is that of the "Peninsula Python."  It came about with a rumor that a chemical spill or a chemical plant explosion in the area caused the existence of a gigantic snake.  However, none such spill or explosion ever occurred.  The myth actually dates back to when the circus traveled through on a train and a 12 ft. snake escaped from it.

Hibernia was a village located just outside present-day Reynoldsburg, on Columbus' east side.  A large apartment complex has been built on the land that still bears the name Hibernia.  They are located at the southeast corner of East Main Street and Noe-Bixby Road, just inside the I-270 corridor.  In 1840, just after the National Road was built, Thomas Armstrong, a property owner in the area donated a few lots along the road and four or five families built homes there.  On August 25, 1849, the grouping got its own post office, which later closed in January of 1857.  Until 1900, Hibernia was listed as a stop on the National Road, and was still a Columbus bus stop until sometime in the 1940s.  Staff of the apartment complex still maintain the Carlisle Cemetery, located on the grounds.  It is believed that the plots are the final resting places of the town's original inhabitants, as well as a number of veterans of the War of 1812 and the Civil War.  The oldest stone dates from 1810 to the most recent- 1877.

Ingham:  A ghost town of Brown Township in Vinton County, it was a small mining community that was also known as Ingham('s)Station.  Several buildings were originally located in the community including a train station, a general store, post office, school house, tipple, powerhouse, and several private residences.  William N. Jaynes was postmaster from March 25, 1903, until the mail was discontinued and began being sent to the Mineral Post Office on April 30, 1904.  Very little remains mostly foundations, rubbish, and filled-in mine and tunnel entrances.

Jughandle:  Small town that was located where Orangeburg Rd. meets Rt. 35 in Preble County, just outside of New Hope west of Eaton.  This town was gone before 1930.  The town at least had its own mill and gas station.  A resident of the area believes that the town may have been named for the way the road had been put against the traction line.  My grandpa remembered seeing the sign hanging on the old fence row on the family farm before he went to war, but the town had disappeared prior to that.  Not much in the way of records concerning Jughandle other than one 1850 map.

Knockemstiff (Shady Glenn):  The town was located at the intersection of Black Run Rd. (County Rd. 156) and Shady Glen Rd, in Huntington Township of Ross County, southwest of Chillicothe.  More recent residences have been built in the same area.  Not much can be found other than information on the variations of the town's name.  One story claims that a great brawl broke out during the town's infancy.  Another, a tale of a woman who approached her preacher at church one morning, claiming her husband was cheating on her.  Wanting the preacher's advice concerning the situation, he replied, "Knock 'im stiff."  Other possibilities include being named in reference to slang terms used for moonshine, which was reportedly common in the surrounding community that had a reputation for rowdiness.

Moonville:  Located in Brown Township of Vinton County, southeast of Hope near where Township Highway 18 crosses the old railroad grade.  It was establised in? and was pretty much abandoned by the early part of the 1900s.  There is little remaining of the former mining community, limited to a few foundations, a cemetery, and an abandoned railroad tunnel which is subject to numerous ghost stories.  History, legends, and demise to be posted soon.

New Burlington:  Clinton Cunty--1803-1971. This town  disappeared after being acquired by the federal government when Caesar Creek was dammed reservoir created in the early 1970s.  The cemetery can be found on New Burlington Rd.

New Hampton:  Founded on the Fourth of July, 1822, by Samuel Jones and Samuel Sexton, New Hampton was laid out on Ludlow's Road (1803).  The new town was made up of 93 houses on eight streets, and had several businesses including a Baptist Church (founder Rev. Isaac Jones) and a post office.  It's residents migrated just to the north when the National Road was built as they preferred to live along the new road.  On the National Road, the town of Jefferson (West Jefferson) was formed and New Hampton was abandoned.  In 1840, the Baptist church too moved to its new location along the road.  The only traces left behind of the village is the New Hampton Cemetery, which is still being used, and part of the village's main street.  The cemetery is located on the south side of Cemetery Rd. in West Jefferson.

Newville:  Newville was built in December of 1823 at the confluence of Slater's Run with the Clearfork and Mohican Rivers in a small valley surrounded by tree-covered hills.  It was platted by John Frederick Herring.  Some early settlers came along the Portage Rd. which is a public highway today.  Newville passed through a decade of preaching like none other before.  Between 1825 and 1835, men preached according to their own views of the scriptures, though all agreed upon Anabaptist ways.  Newville had its share of pennyroyal distilleries and was home to the second grist mill in Richland County.  Pennyroyal oil was used for its medicinal purposes and was thought by pioneers to be a carminative remedy-  antispasmodic medicine that was used against cramps of the digestive tract.  In the 1940s a dam was to be built on the Mohican river and Newville was ordered to be abandoned as, under some circumstances, the town could become flooded.  Some of the foundations and buildings are still standing in the forest just west of the Pleasant Hill Lake.  This town was located near Mansfield.

Oreton:  This small mining community of the New York Coal Company was located along State Route 160 in Vinton Township in Vinton County.  According to postal records it was originally known as Aleshire.  A number of iron ore mines were in the area.  The town had a post office from 1880 to 1950, as well as a church (Azariah McMannis- caretaker), and as many as 70 houses for the miners and their families.  Most of them were built by a Bert Harder.  There are recorded births as early as 1853.  Another feature of Oreton was the Iron Furnace, which was in operation in the last half of the1800s.  The Superintendent of the Eagle's Furnace was Samuel T. Benner, a Civil War veteran of Co. L 12th Ohio Cavalry.  Although Oreton was an occupied town for a century, it never had a cemetery.  Burials took place in nearby towns, several miles distant.  Today, all that remains are the crumbled ruins of the Iron Furnace, a few concrete foundations, and the brick safe of Dave Ebert's company store.

Providence:  Founded by Frenchman Peter Manor in 1837, who established the Northwestern Fur Company in 1816.  He was the first white man to move up the Maumee River.  The proposed Miami and Erie canal, which was to bring goods, travelers, and immigrants, prompted the building of the town.  By 1843, many of the eighty-eight plots laid out, were occupied.  It was considered a favorable place to live- away from the drinking, lawlessness, fighting, and crime that plagued many Ohio canal towns.  Fire, though, swept through the village in 1846, destroying most of the central business district.  Buildings that were destroyed were never rebuilt leaving the people of Providence to lead a more practical lifestyle.  Travelers brought tragedy later then in 1854, spreading cholera.  Those lucky enough to escape the infestation, left only with their lives, leaving many of their possessions behind.  The structures left remaining were either moved or destroyed and the land plots disappeared.  In 1928, Lucas County removed Providence from its records.

Rural Hill:  Once a thriving town, Rural Hill died after the local slaughterhouse, the main employer, closed its doors.

San Toy:  "It was a tough place. If you took a walk up the railroad tracks with a lantern, somebody'd shoot it out."- Addison Vanhorn, a local.  Originally a mining town formed by the Sunday Creek Coal Company in Monroe Township of Perry County, San Toy quickly outgrew its small size.  In its heyday, San Toy had a baseball team, several saloons, a theater, a hospital, a post office, schools, and various stores.  Regular blasting in San Toy was often dangerous as were the saloons.  San Toy was known for moonshine during the prohibition area.  It was a rough town where people people often died in both the saloons and on the streets.  One event that occurred on September 25, 1924, caused the closing of one of the mine tunnels.  Disgruntled miners, that may have been motivated by union issues, rolled a coal cart full of burning railroad ties into a mine causing a tremendous fire that ended up destroying the theater and hospital as well.  17 out of 19 voters in 1931, voted to abandon the town.  Three houses, a church, a few foundations, and crumbling walls are all that remain today along a few of the original roads.

Sprucevale:  Canal town that was abandoned in 1870 with the closing of the canal; locks are still present.

Tadmor:  Canal town that was an important center of transportation in Montgomery County in the mid-19th Century.  It was located at the crossroads of every means of transportation of its day.  Tadmor, its lonely foundations and concrete abutments, can be found along the Miami River in Taylorsville Metro Park.  A sign marks the remains of Tadmor's existence.  We last visited this ghost town in April of 2009, during Prodigy in the Park.  Many people have claimed an encounter with the paranormal here.  It's not unusual to "get lost in the times" while walking down past the old remains of the canal.

Utopia:  Often referred to as a ghost town, but still occupied.

Winchester:  This attempt at becoming a town was located on the Clear Fork River in Worthington Township in Richland County.  In March of 1845, the town was laid out in Section 9, by Noble Calhoun.  A few houses were built but the land upon which they were planned was heavily mortgaged and so was later sold at Sheriff's sale.  The town never amounted to more than a few homes.

Wonderland:  Formerly an upper-class resort community, Wonderland was situated just outside of Gahanna, a Columbus suburb, near a bend in Big Walnut Creek.  It was slowly abandoned over a period of years after the late 1920s.  The only remaining piece of this town is the Wonderland Church on Friendship Drive next to the Interchange of Interstate 270 and Hamilton Rd. 


Ghost Towns of Ohio- Map--Guide to Ghost Towns of Ohio--The Evolution of Ohio 

List by County:


ADAMS-- Buck Run, Burkitts, Brush Creek Furnace, Elizabeth, Evergreen, Fristoes, Grimes, Irvington, Killinstown, Kopp, McCarty, McCullough, McSherrystown, Moore, Mount Leigh, Mount Zion, Osman, Palestine, Plum, Shimar, Stevens, Waggoner (Ripple)

ALLEN-- Alnora, Armstrong, Bath, Blue Lick, Cramersville, Donnels, Gallatin, Gilderoy, Hartford, Middle Spring, Needmore, Rogues, Sulphur Springs, Tawatown, Townsend

ASHLAND-- Albany, Bunns Settlement, Elizabethtown, Friends, Ganges, Johnstown, Perote, Ruggles Corners, South Loudonville, Tunker Settlement, Uncas, West Loudonville, Williamsburg

ASHTABULA-- Anderson, Barnes Corners, Calm, East Lakeville, Fargo, Hare, Inland, Iona, Middlesex, Northway, Osbornville, Padens Mills, Phoenix, Sherman, Steeles Corners, Watsons Corners

ATHENS-- Alexander, Big Hocking, Bolens Mills, Deans, Detroit, English Town, Ewing, Goose Run, Harmony, Hixon, Hocking, Horton, Ingham, Laurel Hill, Lyda, Marshallville, Medill,  Mortonville, Mount Auburn, New Bern, Newbury, Raccoon, Rock Oak, Salina, Sparta

AUGLAIZE-- Amsterdam, Bay, Bingville, Botkins Station, Layton, Pourcelle, Pusheta Town, Rineharts, Summit

BELMONT-- Acer, Allenhurst, Ault, Bartons, Becket, Bemustown, Black Oak, Brownsfield, Brownsville, Chamberia, Chamberlain, Clarksburg, Clarkson, Clevengers, Dorsey, Dory Mill, Dunfee, Flat Rock, Fulton, Gambletown, Glenhurst, Glenndale, Jobtown, Joe-Tom, Johnson, Kelsey, Kennon, Knoxville, Loretto, Lucile, Media, Mertz, Moore, Moreville, New Laferty, Patton Run, Pigeon Point, Polkville, Pultney, Reiss, Rodefer, Rosemary, Samos, Scotts, Senora, Taylors Creek, Tellesburg, Uniontown, Upland, Wallace, West Brooklyn, Wheatland Mills, Wheeling Valley, Zebra

BROWN-- Bernard, Bloom Rose, Bowling Green, Charleston, Clover Valley, Gerta, Gilletts, Gordonville, Henderson, Hillman, Lewis, Liberty, Monroe, North Feesburg, O'Conners, Salem, Skiffsville, Straight Creek, Sunshine, Todds Run, Traceys, Whiteoak Springs

BUTLER-- Athlone, Belt Junction, Blue Ball, Boggerville, Brownstown, Christiana, Clawson, Hanover, Ixworth, Jones, McDonald, Millikin, Moslers, Ogleton, Old River Junction, Saint Clair, Sheleys, Stillwell

CARROLL-- Atwood, Brown, Cabello, Davis, Figleys Mills, Fullers, Gortin, Hickory, Hortons, North Union, Rose, Shobers Mills, Whitacres, Woodbury, Wyncrest

CHAMPAIGN-- Baker, Brush Lake, Clover Run, Concord Mills, Crimville, Dallas, Funk, Fyffe, Gourdville, Hagenbaugh, Hare, Harrison, Heathtown, Heers, Jennings Park, Long, Lookout, Magrew, Nettleton, New York, Old Pimtown, Proctor, Rohrurtown, Saratoga, Scottsburg, Sodom, Steinberger, Stutzmanns, Tharps Run, Winchester

CLARK-- Aberfell, Allentown, Bethel, Brooks, Brottenburgh, Chambersburg, Chillicothe, Chribbs Station, Columbia, Didcot, Edwardsville, Funderberg, Hennessey, Jerusalem, Kinnane, Melrose, Owl Town, Oxtoby, Piqua, Riceville, Royal, Shattuc, Springfield Station, Spunky Puddle, Stafford, West Boston, Willis, Windsor, Wiseman

CLERMONT-- Angola, Baywood, Beechwood, Beechwood Station, Blowville, Charleston, Clifton, Cohoon, East Liberty, East Mount Carmel, Elk Lick, Elston, Fair Oak, Funston, Gernon, Home, Hulicks, Maywood, Mount Moriah, Newtown, Nice, Ninevah, Olive Branch Station, Pleasant Grove, Pointopolis, Simpkinsville, South Milford Station, Spann, Stanton, Summit Station, Swings, Walkers Mills, Wood

CLINTON-- Big Prairie, Cedarville, Clare, Claysville, Cross Road, Macedonia, Morgantown, Ogles, Quinns Mills

COLUMBIANA-- Azelda, Bell, Bellefont, Boyds, Collinwood, Dale Furnace, East Salineville, Gilmore, Grissels, Hartford, Hastingsville, Haysville, Ingraham, Jamestown, Linton, Little Beaver, Lockbridge, Lucerne, Martinsburg, McGarry, McKaigs Mills, Middle Beaver, Mussers Mills, New Liberty, Newhouse, Peace Valley, Pottersville, Robbins, Saratoga, Seville, State Line, Temple Hill, Teutonia, Thorndon, Wards, Waterford, Weslyville, West Beaver, West Pittsburg

COSCHOCTON-- Bartlett, Berlin, Birmingham, Bluff, Canal Spur, Clowville, Coalport, Coxs Crossroads, Custalogas Town, Delaneysville, Delaware Town, East Plainfield, Haddon, Jones Corners, Killbucks Town, Lichtenau, Lima, McGuire, Mill Creek, Millsville, Mount Airy, Munsville, Old Wyandot Town, Oliopolis, Owls Town, Pleasantville, Providence, Rochester, Rural Vale, Stringtown, Summerset Valley, Wally, White Womans Town, Willowbrook, Wolfes Corners, Zeno

CRAWFORD-- Biddle, Camp Run, Clinton, Crawford, Fauser, Frankfort, Glenville, Holmes, Jacksonville, Little Sandusky, North Liberty, Sycamore, Whetstone

CUYAHOGA-- Alger Settlement, Brighton, Coe Ridge, Columbia Center, Cowans, Eight Mile, Frostville, Griffithsburg, Horse Shoe Glens, Horst, Lake Hamlet, Marcy, Mill Creek, Noble Beach, North Warrensville, Pardee, Phinneys Corners, Spragueville, Town House Corners, Willeyville

DARKE-- Chennowiths, Danemora, Delvin, Hetzlerville, Hunters, London, Matchett, Mina, Mount Pleasant, Saint John, Sampson, Seven Mile Prairie, Strakers, Wiley

DEFIANCE-- Arrowsmiths, Ashwood, Cicero, Clarksville, Domerville, Glenburg, Lawtonville, McCauleys, Midway, Millport, Milo, Nebo, Oakland, Snooksville, Whites Mills, Wilseyville

DELAWARE-- Coles Mills, Columbia, Cones Mills, Cutlers Corners, Edinburgh, Genoa, Haddon,  Lick Town, Lincoln, Little Mill Creek, Middlebury, Millville, Napoleaon, Nimmons Crossroads, Peerless, Pluggys Town, Pomerine, Ralph, Rock Run, Union, Unison, Woodbury

ERIE-- Abbott Bridge, Ashmont, Bloomville, Cooks Corners, Enterprise, Furnace, Groton, Harpens Corners, Huronia Beach, Jay, Lyme, Miami, Muscash, New Berlin, Perkins, Point Hope, Prairieville, Prout, Ransoms, Sandusky Crossroads, Seneca, Shattucks Grove, Spragues Corners, Wells Corners, Yankee Settlement

FAIRFIELD-- Black Diamond, Buckeye Park, Claypool, Flagdale, Gables Station, Hadley Junction, Harrisport, Junction City, Millers, Monticello, Richland, Roby Addition, Sandstone, Sniders, Steele, Tarhe Town, Vicksburgh, Walnut, Wyandotte

FAYETTE-- Carton, Fayette, Fayette Junction, Fayne, Ghormley, Haynes, Kingfred, Olympia, Pearsons, Phillip, Potter

FRANKLIN-- Alum Creek, Avenue, Baker Hill, Big Run, Big Walnut, Borrors Corner, Bright, Burts, Caldwell, Clover Settlement, Deems, Doneys, Eastwood, Flint Station, Hibernia, Highway, Hocking Junction, Lafayetteville, Lisle, Marble Cliff Mills, Marburn, Millers, Mosel, Mount Pleasant, Portersburg, Renner, Ridpath, Scioto, Sharp, Shattucksburg, Slate Run, Smileys Corners, Sullivants, Waldeck, Wheatland, Whittington, Wildwood Springs, Wonderland, Zuber

FULTON-- Ai, Allston, Ambrose, Beta, Blanc, Chesterfield, East Swanton, Emery, Essex, Fluharts Corners, Haller, Handy, Lavona, Lena, Leslie, Mill Creek, Plattston, Ritters, Siney, Townline, Treadway, West Barre, York Center  

GALLIA-- Angola, Anselm, Bays Bottom, Boggs, Bowler, Bull Skin, Chapmans Mills, Charity, Chestnut Grove, Clemma, Creuzet, Domino, Edna, Espop, Flag Spring, Halley, Hilton, Holcomb, Hollis, Klages, Lincoln, Malaby, Mattie, McCormick, Moody, Niles, Obad, Paragon, Prospect Hill, Providence, Ridgeway, Rosebud, Ruby, Siloam, Smiths, Tynrhos, Wigner, Yoho

GEAUGA-- Allens Corners, Baldwins Corners, Beardsley, Beudale, Calm, Center Road, Chardon Centre, Clifton, Damon, Downings Corners, East Munson, Fedo, Geauga Lake, Handy, Joint, Julia, Kelloggs Corners, Little England, Little Ireland, Mansfields Crossing, Munson Center, New Market, Plank Road Corners, Posts Corner, Powders Mills, Roots Corners, Sissons Corners, Slab City, Smithville, Spencer Corners, Summit, Trumbulls

GREENE-- Bryson, Caesars Creek, Caesarsville, Clifton, Harper, Hennessee, Huffeysville, Jayfield, Magnetic Springs, Mechanicsville, Mercers Station, Pierces, Silver Creek, Simms, Valley Mills, Winchester

GUERNSEY-- Bond, Bridgewater, Cable, Campbells Station, Clio, Divide, Eldon, Fishbasket, Liberty, Miller, New Liberty, New Town, Prohibition, Scotts, Skullfork, Sugartree, Toledoville, Uniontown, Williamsburg

HAMILTON-- Allandale, Brachman, Brookfield, Bucktown, Cadberry, Carmargo, Carrsville, Cedar Grove, Centretown, Charleston, Cilley, College Hill Junction, Crosby, Delta Station, Devins, Dunlop Station, East Columbia, East Linwood, East Madisonville, East Norwood, Elizabeth, Elliston, Ernst Station, Fairview, Fort Gass, Foster Hill, Frenchmens Corner, Gerards Station, Gilead, Glen Grove, Glenmore, Glenwood, Grainthorpe, Gravelotte, Greenwood, Griffins Station, Hygeia, Irvina, Lewiston, Lick Run, Lilac, Little Buck, Lyndchester, Mansfield, McCullough, Miamme, Mineola, Mohawk, Montauk, Moscow, Mount Hayden, Mount Weller, New Palestine, Oakley Grove, Obbryonville, Ourys, Perryville, Petersborough, Pleasant Valley, Pleasant Valley Station, Rapid Run, Rittner Station, Riverdale, Robinson, Rolling Ridge, Rose Hill, Russells, Salem, Shaker Village, Sheartown, Shorts Station, Shrewsbury, Simonsons, Snyder, South Fairmount, South Pendleton, Southside, Sweetwine, Texas, Tuckers Station, Undercliff, Valley View, Vernonville, West Riverside, Wisenburg

HANCOCK-- Alba, Ashery, Beagle, Big Lick, Blanchard Bridge, Cannonsburg, Capernaum, Cass, Clements, Cordelta, Crow, El Rose, Elm Grove, Ewings Corners, Frankford, Freedom, Hassan, Hatfield, Huber, Jamestown, Lafayette, Langan, Lewisville, Marion, Martinstown, Marvins Mill, Moffit, North Ridgeville, Olney, Pickensville, Swank, Waterloo, Weidlers, West Union, Willow Creek, Wineland

HARDIN-- Armorsville, Blocktown, Geneva, Grange, Hardy, Marshs, McDonald, McGoldricks Town, Peru, Pleasant Dale, Saint Michaels, West Union

HARRISON--Brownsville, Clendening, Cochranton, Conway, Corydon, Custer, Enfield, Fisher, Ginther, Halls, Hattonia, Hellers Cross Roads, Horton, Laceyville, Limestone, Mechanicsville, Moraville, Newtown, Nottingham, Parlatt, Pennsville, Pleasant Valley, Smithdale, Stacy, Tigers Valley, Titus Store, Vienna, Warfel


HENRY-- Alma, Beaver Creek, Cloverleaf, Damascus, Durand, Farnham, Girtys Point, Goosetown, Madeira, Milldale, Odessa, Ridgeland, Turkey Foot

HIGHLAND-- Buckley, Clear Creek, Edensborough, Fallsville, Gall, Home, Honolulu Luttleton, Morgantowns, New Amsterdam, New Leesburg, Oak, Sharpsville, Sicily, Sorg

HOCKING-- Blackburn, Brashears, Brush, Cedar Falls, Consol, Dewey Junction, Fork Junction, Happy Hollow, Hopperville, Joe, Kachelmacher, Lost Run, Max, Nancy, Needmore, Pattonsville, Pine Grove, Point Pleasant, Pursell, Reeds, Rockhouse, Smock, South Carbon Hill, Summit, Winona

HOLMES-- Baddow Pass, Carpenter, Charlesburg, DeWitt Ridge, Grade, Huston, Johnville, Jones Corners, Lafayette, Mount Union, New Wheeling, Portersfield, Salt Creek, Tulhillas, Wardsville, Wilmington

HURON-- Blue Fly, Bronson, Carson, Centreville, Fiddlers Green, Germantown, Half Way, Ives, Lyme Station, Miner, New Salem, North Norwich, Ramey, Relief, Reservoir, Sherman, Townsend Center, Union, Yeomans

JACKSON-- Abmac, Agatha, Bud, Cambridge, Coor, Diamond Town, Eastburn, Eckny, Ellsworth, Erie, Green Meadow, Hewit, Jimes, Latrobe, Leach, Levi, Lewisville, Limestone, Maghees Store, Maple Grove, McKitterick, Meadow Branch, Morgantown, Mountain Ridge, Reeds Mills, Simpsons, Weber, Witman

JEFFERSON-- Arnolds Town, Center, Collinwood, Copes Mills, Daysville, Dogtown, Elliotsville, Fells, Florencedale, Fosterville, Georges Hill, Harpersville, Hays, Hayti, Henry, Jefferson, Jeffersonville, Kelleys, McConnelsville, McCulloughs, Mooretown, New Baltimore, Newberg, Old Road, Onslow, Rhodesdale, Thornville, Tunnel Hill, Tler, Unionvale, Warren, Wayco, Wellsmar

KNOX-- Beech Settlement, Clinton, Cornish, Darlings, Fleaville, Florida, Front Royal, Genoa Station, Hains, Harrison, Hilliar, Hollisters, Houcks, Jamestown, Magnetic Springs, Maple Grove, New Lexington, North Georgetown, Owl Creek, Pleasant Valley, Rossville, Sandusky Cross Roads, Umbria, West Liberty, Wolfes, Youngs Mills 

LAKE-- Arcole, Bloominggrove, Boyce Mill, Clarks, Grand Rapids, Hampshire, Heisley, Hobarts Corners, Hopkins, Judds Corners, Kniffins Corners, Krebs Corners, Madison Dock, Marsh Settlement, Mascot, New Market, Pease Mill, Rush Road, Shanungas, Wheeler, Wickliffe Station, Worden

LAWRENCE-- Cherryville, Dean, Ensee, Gold Camp, Grant Town, Ida, Iron Rock, Israel, Jep, Johns Creek, Kennedys Cross Roads, Kerrsville, Long Hollow, Manker, Montreal, Moulton, Raby, Sedgewick, Simmons, Strobel, Symmes Run, Vesuvius, Walnut Ridge, Whitehouse, Willow Grove, Windsor Cross Roads

LICKING-- Albion, Beechland, Belfast, Blanchard, Bowling Green, Canonsburgh, Central City, Chesterhill, Cook Settlement, Cox, Denmans Crossroads, Elberts, Etniers, Exeter, Green, Idlewild Park, Kibler, Lagrange, Livingston, Lockport, Long Run, Morus Hill, Moscow, Mount Hope, New Winchester, Oberlin, Raccoon Town, Rowville

LOGAN-- Bellville, Buckongehelas, Cherokee, Damascus, Downingsville, Flatwoods, Gest, Hooleys, Howell, Jerusalem, Mackachack, Mark, McKees Town, Mount Tabor, Muchinippi, Reads Town, Solomonstown, Thatchersville, Turner, White Town, Yoder

LORAIN-- Benton, Brownhelm Center, Carlisle, Ferguson, Folger, Harts Station, Huff, Hulberts Corners, Kishmans, Murraysville, Nickelplate, Oakpoint, Paradise, Patterson, Rugby, Seaman, Shawville, Spencer, Trinity, Troxel, Webbs Corners

LUCAS-- Austerlitz, Autokee, Birmingham, Bowen, Central Grove, Copeland, East Marengo, Ellenboro, Everett, Hickory, Homestead, Itickok, Lucas City, Manhattan, Marengo, Miami, Midway, Neowash, Nero, New Jerusalem, Ottawa Crossing, Presque Isle, Remnels, Richards, Richards Station, Rockwell Junction, Scotts Corners, Searles, Tondagamies Village, Treadway, Tredwelldale, Tremainsville

MADISON-- Carters, Darby Crest, Deer Creek Village, Deersville, Guilford, Johnstons, Markley, Myers, New Hampshire, New London, Nioga, Roberts, Wahoo, Willows, Wilson

MAHONING-- Amity, Belvidere, Bentley, Boswell, Canfield Junction, Flint Hill, Hannas Mills, Hillsville, Jackson, Kirk, Kyles Corners, Lake Shore Junction, Lansingville, Loveland, McGillsville, Mysticvale, Nebo, Newport, North Sebring, Oakland, Ohlton, Park Place, Sample, Scotts Corners, Sharline, Shaw Junction, Snyder, Subrosa, Williams Corners, Woodland

MARION-- Beech, Belvuron, Bethlehem, Burlington, Clyde Settlement, Gurley, Harvey, Holmesville, Hoover, Hords, Kirbys, Little Scioto, Logan, Longville, Middle Spring, Salem, Slab Camp, Slicks, Smiths Mills, Stringtown, Stumptown, Wilson, Winnemac

MEDINA-- Bagdad, Bairdsville, Beebetown, Briarwood Beach, Centerville, Chamberlain, Cherry Corners, Chippewa-on-the-Lake, Crow Town, East Montville, Fishermans Corners, Geisingers Corners, Goodmans Corners, Hales Corners, Lake Junction, Newtons, Pekin, Pierces Corners, Pliny, Risley, Sheldons Corners, Silver Creek, Thompsons, Weavers, Weaversville

MEIGS-- Barnard, Beach Grove, Buckhorn, Bunker Hill, Calvin, Condorville, Dillsbury, Dutchtown, Elden, Fayal, Forest Run, Ledlies, Martinsburg, McKinsters, Oakgrove, Olive Centre, Rockville, Stedmansville, Sterling, Stony Point, White Rock, Zeal

MERCER-- Boetia, Brehm, Deep Cut, Earley, Grove Crossing, Guilford, Marcellus, South Celina, Steinman, Striptown

MORROW-- Aaronsburg, Centerburg, Florida Grove, Friendsboro, Grays Corners, Indigo, Jamestown, Kellker, Morehouse, Moshers Mill, Peerless, Queen Settlement, Rome, Steiners Corner, Surprise, Tyrone

PERRY-- Asbury, Beanville, Buchanan, Clarksville, Claybank, Coaldale, Dew Creek, Dicksonton, Dogtown, Gordon Cross Roads, Hamburg, Hancock, Hanover, Hansleys Crossroads, Hoboken, Horne, Lyonsdale, Melicks Grove, New Paris, Nugentville, Oconorville, Opera, Perry, Sheldon, Tatmans, Wellan, Worth

PREBLE-- Barnett's Station, Beechy Mire, Belfast, Bethlehem, Brinley Station, Buzzard's Roost, Claysburg, Corvin, Crawfordsville, Currystown, Davisville, Ebenezer (Harrisburg), El Dorado (now known as Eldorado), Ernst, Euphemia, Fosterville, Good Intent, Hagerstown, Harrisburg (Gettysburg), Jughandle, Kitson's Switch, Mercersburg, Morningstar, Muttonville, Oklahoma, Orangeburg, Riota, Westville Station, Winchester

RICHLAND-- Andrews, Barcelona, Conden, Cookton, Davis, De Kalb, Dew Drop, Forest, Greensburg, Harding, Hines, Martins Mills, Myers, Riblet, Richland, Runners, Saint Johns, Spring Grove, Stewart, Webster, Winchester

ROSS-- Knockemstiff

SENECA-- Adamsville, Butternut Ridge, Castina, Elizabethtown, Fitz Henry, Hedgetown, Hopewell, Jackson Station, Leamansville, Linden, Middleburg, Mohawk, Palo Alto, Raineys, Saint Nicholas, Sheatenhelm, Steinerville, Thomsontown, Trumbo, Watsons Cross Roads

STARK-- Bancroft, Bixler, Bridgeport, Brimestone Corners, Burlington, Calcutta, Congress Lake, Danzig, Diamond, Downingstown, Floradora, Geibe, Glaris, Hamburg, Hardscrabble, Lexington, Lonas, Marchand, Marks, New Guinea, New Winchester, Nimishillentown, Northwood, Otterbein, Pauls, Pekin, Pinn, Pleasant Valley, Rhodes, Rocket, Rome, Shaffers, Sherwood, Stark, Summit, Sweetbriar, The Knolls, Toy Town, Washington.

TRUMBULL-- Antietam, Bentley, Boanna, Booths, Brockway, Chestnut Ridge, Clear, Coles, Cornsburg, Deer Creek, Detour, Dewey, Doughton, Earlville, Germantown, Kingsbury, Kirk, Methodist Corners, Mosier, Mosketo, Motts Corners, Oil Diggings, Old Burg Hill, Penza, Smithfield, State Line, Stewarts, Stoups, Sugar Creek, Superior, Sutherland, Walnut Hill, Wassie, York


VINTON-- Ingham, Moonville, Oreton

WILLIAMS--Denmark, Parkersburg

WOOD-- Bassett, Benton, Browns Corners, Carrs Corners, Cass Corners, Cummings, Damtown, East Perrysburg, Eberly, Egypt, Farnham, Fenton, Haney, Holt, Lake, Lawrence, Liberty, Lovetts Grove, Miltonville, Montgomery Cross Roads, New Westfield, Oil Center, Orleans, Potter, Prentice, Providence, Riverdale, Rockwell, Rocky Ford, Ross Creek, Rushtebo, Stockwell, Town Line, Troy, Webb, Whitmore