Dust to Dust...Ohio

Unknown History, Urban Exploration, and Paranormal Research


Old Boston School--Boston, IN (Wayne Co.)-- main part of the old school was built in 1932.  An addition attached to the north side completed in 1944  for the grade school.

C.R. Coblentz Elementary School-- New Paris, OH (Preble Co.)--built 1915, closed 1998

Monroe Central Middle School--Eldorado, OH (Preble Co.)

One-Room Schoolhouse on Cohee Rd. near North Star, OH (Darke Co.)

One-Room Schoolhouse, Lanier Twp. No. 9, built in 1898? near Eaton/West Alexandria, OH (Preble Co.)

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Richmond State Hospital--Richmond, IN (Wayne Co.) opened in 1848 as the "Eastern Indiana Hosital for the Insane" and also referred to as the "East Haven Asylum," it was occupied by "The School for Feeble-Minded Youth."  It's formal opening came July 29, 1890, with the first patient being admitted in August.  The name was not changed to Richmond State Hospital until May 16, 1927.  It is one of seven mental hospitals still in operation in Indiana.

Smith-Esteb Memorial Hospital--Richmond, IN 

Central State Hospital for the Insane--Indianapolis, IN--opened in 1848, closed 1993

Amusement Parks

Americana-LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park--LeSourdsville, OH (Butler Co.) LeSourdsville Lake was opened in 1922 by Edgar Streifthau as a place for camping, swimming, and boating, but  Fantasy Farm developed later- in 1960.  The biggest years in the park's history came in the 1970's when they continued to have outstanding attendance and maintained a smaller entrance fee than newer, larger attractions (such as King's Island).  The latest attempt to restore the park came with Jerry Couch, the local RV dealer, who restored the park to LeSourdsville Lake, and reopened it in 2002-- It lasted just one season.


Watch Lesourdsville Lake Amusement Park's dust to dust testament, from an episode of the History Channel's "Life After People" HERE

Fantasy Farm--LeSourdsville, OH (Butler Co.)

Chippewa Lake Amusement Park--Chippewa Lake, OH (Medina Co.)-- closed in 1978 and sitting abandoned for 30 years. *CURRENTLY UNDER DEMOLITION-DEMOLITION ON HOLD*


Lane's Mill-- Lane's Mill Rd near Oxford, OH (Butler Co.)  Original wood frame mill built in 1816 by Isiah Bryant and John Wallace- replaced by this one built in 1848 by William Elliot.  This mill was a saw, grist, and fulling mill.  Elliot was killed in a tragic accident at the mill in 1853.  William Lane purchased the mill and then operated it up until 1898-- National Register of Historic Places (1980).  Even though this mill was placed on the National Register of Historic Places, it was being torn down when we discovered it. *DEMOLISHED*


Bell Cemetery--east of Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)-- Noted as being Preble County's most haunted cemetery.  There are many Civil War era stones.  This is the area where we captured what appears to be the ghost of a civil war.

Bonebrake Cemetery--New Hope/Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)

Scott Cemetery--Hamilton, OH (Butler Co.)

Foutz/Weaver Station Rd. Cemetery--New Madison, OH (Darke Co.)

King Cemetery--Richmond, IN (Wayne Co.)

Monroe Cemetery--Eldorado, OH (Preble Co.)

Old New Paris Cemetery--New Paris, OH (Preble Co.)

Quaker Cemetery--Hueston Woods State Park, Doty Settlement and site of Campbellite meeting house (Butler Co.)

Private Cemetery--Crete, IN (Randolph Co.)

New Burlington Cemetery--New Burlington Rd., New Burlington, OH (Clinton Co.)

Newport/I.O.O.F Cemetery--Fountain City, IN (Wayne Co.)
Pioneer Cemetery--Fort Jefferson near Greenville, OH (Darke Co.)

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Excello Locks--Trenton, OH (Butler Co.) Morrell's Station was located here from 1791-1805.  It now sits as part of the Butler County Metro Parks and is protected by the Miami Conservancy.  These locks were part of the early Miami-Erie Canal efforts.

Houses and Farms

Mann Rd.-- Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)
S.R. 732-- Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)
Murray Rd.--Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)*DEMOLISHED*
The Hannah House--Indianapolis, IN
Abandoned house near Richmond, IN (Wayne Co.) *GONE*

Ohio Mounds and Earthworks

Fort Ancient--Oregonia, OH (Warren Co.)

In Various States of Decay-- Miscellaneous Places

Abandoned Glove Factory-- Eaton, OH (Preble Co.)

Greenville Train Station--Greenville, OH (Darke Co.)

Hickory Grove United Baptist Church--Montgomery County, OH 

Patterson/Witch's Tower--Kettering, OH (Montgomery Co.)

Speedway Auto Theater--Greenville, OH (Darke Co.) *DEMOLISHED*
Twin City Opera House--McConnelsville, OH (Morgan Co.)
Others Archived:  Mansfield Reformatory, Olivesburg Plant and Quarry, and many more...